Laura E. Turner
Laura E. Turner


Challenge and personal enrichment

Globalization and progress in transportation and communication media have determined that migration and expatriation (temporary or permanent) are a frequent phenomenon in our times. For expatriates and their families, appropriation of the new country is a challenge that includes organization of structures, activities, social networks and functions, according to their personal needs. Previous preparation of all family members to face the cultural impact, as well as support during this process, are essential to obtain positive outcomes and to prevent crisis. Important changes and subsequent adjustments are often minimized or underestimated, which results in feelings of loneliness, inadequacy, confusion, frustration and guilt. Helplessness is the most frequent mindset. There are specific mourning processes, life stages that conclude, uncertainty about the future. But there is also a great opportunity for learning and enrichment: FOCUSED PSYCHOTHERAPY. This approach enables a real process of “rebirth”, from the initial disorganization into the acquisition and use of personal resources to achieve stability and balance.

Professional services offered

Focused psychotherapy during expatriation process ( office and via Skype ).

Individual, couple and family therapy.

Psychiatric evaluation and psychopharmacological treatments.

Crisis prevention and support - Follow-up in psychiatric hospitalization.

Support and reflection groups for foreign students.

Support and reflection groups for spouses and families of expatriate executives and diplomats.

Advisory and consultancy for embassies and consulates.

Advisory for international exchange student organizations ( student adjustment, host family selection, prevention and approach of critical situations ).

Advisory for relocation enterprises ( prevention and support program aimed at achieving successful adjustment for expatriates and their families ).

Talks and workshops for enterprises and organizations.