Laura E. Turner
Laura E. Turner

Is it possible to achieve changes when having a limited time for psychotherapy?

Focused psychotherapy is aimed at the urgent issues, setting specific goals to resolve them and relieve suffering. Although usually other subjects surface during this process, it is very useful to identify them and to pose new questions that can be worked through in depth in a subsequent stage, either via Skype or in a future treatment in the home country.

Is it possible to just treat the most disabling symptoms ( e.g. panic attacks, depression, insomnia ) only with medication, without psychotherapy?

Although it is possible to do this, effective and profound improvements, relapse prevention and also the possibility of tapering off the medication when no longer necessary are best achieved combining both approaches simultaneously.

Being far away from home is a negative factor when starting a therapeutic process?

Not only is it not a negative factor, but often distance facilitates the decision to start this process due to various reasons: less sensitivity to usual prejudices in the home environment or country, more freedom in approaching issues related to nuclear family dynamics.

Can a therapeutic process have a negative influence on academic performance?

Quite the opposite: the possibility of working through difficulties ( e.g. adjustment issues, cultural differences, anxiety regarding separation from family and friends, etc. ) within a therapeutic context has a positive effect on the ability to focus on academic work, by relieving concerns and emotional struggle.

Can the result of expatriation be influenced by a personalized program of prevention and assistance before, after and during this process?

Certainly. Many expatriations fail due to lack of an adequate preparation. The effects of migration are often underestimated and, therefore, those who face this challenge do not have the necessary information and support to help them through the process. A personalized program, tailored to the specific needs of each expatriate and their families allows them to identify and use personal resources, as well as to develop strategies to enable a successful adjustment and an enriching experience.